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and repair battle involving a woman named virginia. >> she cannot speak, but the emotional debate about where she should live speaks volumes. the vessels -- the investigation is straight ahead. >> gusty winds and cold temperatures. >> tonight, an investigation that may divide yours. it shall -- >> it challenges laws that say all individuals should live in the community. debra follows the case that asks, who speaks for virginia? >> her name is virginia. she is 68 and cannot talk. she has been -- people have been fighting over where she should live and who makes that choice. >> don't you dare tell me where virginia needs to live. >> mary is her legal guardian. she met her and then became a companion to her father. he has fought -- died, but his daughter who was born healthy became severely disabled has 18 -- as a teenager back in 1961. when that institution closed in 1996, virginia was part of the massive wave of individuals who were de institutionalized. she was moved to this home. a dramatic shift in care, not embraced by all, including virginia pauses father. while others celebrated. >> what
of the work week starting off quiet. there was an overnight crash. interstate 905 in virginia in springfield, light volume through dale city and woodbrige and lorton and the beltway. southbound 95 overnight for several hours they dealt with a crash. they had just cleared expecit. that was in dumphries. accidents involving a tractor- trailer. now this has cleared. good news. emergency pothole palooza of the virginia beltway on the inner loop near 66 taking away one lane. that's the only thing we have going on, on the capital beltway. back to you. >> thank you. >> d.c. police shot a man who investigators say was violating a restraining order filed by his estranged wife. >> the suspect had made previous attempts to see his wife but always managed to leave before police arrived. officers said he was there when they responded this time to go home on 13th street nw overnight. he was armed. that's why he was shot. we don't know where the suspect was shot on his body but he was taken to a hospital in stable condition. >> a developing story from the south pacific. at least four people are dead after
basketball wraps up the regular season in two weeks. virginia's resume likely to make it. first half, they go inside to anderson. all alone for the jam. had 11-points today. virginia up three. later in the first half, virginia turns it over. but fortunately so does georgia tech. anderson on the steal. nice pass inside to mitchell. he gets the lay in. virginia led by 12 at the half. in the second half, toby dials one up. mitchell there, he follows with the jam. he had a game high 18 points. virginia pounds georgia tech, 82-54 to improve to 9-5 in sec play. >>> staying in the sec, virginia tech losers of nine in a row hosting florida state today. first half, jumping around, barksdale. rejected in the lane. out to green who sinks his only 3-pointer of the game. led by 2 at the half. second half, florida state rallies. the jam. seminoles cut the deficit to 4. next possession, green drives, pump fake and foul. game high 26 points. virginia tech wins 80-70 for its first win since january 19th. >>> women's hoops, maryland looking to avenge a loss to duke on february 11th. second half, maryland trail
into the low and mid-20s the rest of virginia. including parts of prince william, fauquier, stafford, spotsylvania, culpeper. just the low 20s there. meanwhile, much of southern maryland in the upper 20s, near 30 degrees. temperatures a little above freezing. here's the rest of the morning. by 7:00 a.m., ought to be in the upper 20s. by 8:00, a little above freezing. by noontime, we ought to be, though, into the mid-40s. sunrise at 6:46. sunset at 5:57ment hometown forecast, vienna, fairfax county, in the low 40s with bright sun by noontime. a look at traffic now with danella. >> good morning. checking the situation on metro. if you're taking the red line, expect delays because of an earlier track problem at friendship heights. still delays in both directions. the roadways, i-66 had morning and take a live look at 66 at route 50 where we'll find chopper 4 live on the scene. traveling 66 this time eastbound, picking up a little bit of volume here. but no major delays just yet. westbound, though, just off to the right shoulder lanes, can see police activity. very light volume, no issue
for keeping the focus on virginia, there are others who say his time is better spent on focusing on trying to find a solution here in washington. the president speaking at a shipyard -- >> currently in jeopardy because of politics in washington. >> at the capitol, the reaction from republicans was not so welcoming. >> the president would be better spending his time here in washington meeting with people who disagree with them. >> one area of agreement is virginia would be one of the areas hardest hit. >> it could cost tens of thousands of jobs in virginia. >> 90,000 virginia defense workers would be furloughed. virginia congressman sees that as just the beginning. >> if you live across the border in virginia, it is 200,000. $20 billion of economic impact. >> that extends to families and small businesses across virginia. no talks are scheduled although both sides say something needs to be done. >> it is a matter of where we can find common ground. >> the common ground seems to come back to defense. virginia congressman forbes introduced a measure that would take defense out of sequestration
west, southwest, across northern virginia, only in the upper 20s to 30 degrees. that storm system quickly passed through. it went north of us. just a few flurries from it. did put down some snow in pennsylvania and new england. right now getting a few sprinkles of light rain eastern parts of the northern neck. 6:00 a.m. temperatures, upper 20s. few breaks in the cloud. might have a little sun around sunrise. near 30 degrees then by 8:00 a.m., the mid-30s. by noon, near 40 degrees. sunrise this morning at 7:10. i'm back in ten minutes with a look at the rest of the day. your temperature graph and hometown forecast is coming upment danella has traffic now. >>> in the traffic office, still quiet in the area. let's head down i-95. a report of a disabled vehicle past 234. it's off to the right shoulder lane, that's the good news. travel lanes on i-95 and down to stafford, nice and clear, northbound same story. heading over to 395. a live look at edsall. earlier this roadwork in the hov lanes. that looks to be gone. all the way to the 14th street bridge is clear. aaron, over to you. >>
seven-day forecast is minutes away. let's go to traffic with jamee. >> easy start. news. in virginia, looks good on 395. let's take a look. not many cars out yet coming off the beltway passing landmark to street bridge into the nation's capital. ddot does not have any problems. looking good on 50, and new york and kenilworth ave. 270 in maryland as well. no problems out of germantown, rockville, and to the capital beltway. singer wisconsin avenue near willard and western, some road work, but no delay. -- if you are using wisconsin avenue. >> new developments in the man convicted of murdering intern chandra levy. ingmar guandique is back in court today. brianne carter is live at superior court in northwest d.c. be big decisions >day ingmar guandique is expected to be back in d.c. in a matter in aurs to appear for a hearing scheduled call for later this afternoon. understand the hearing is about new developments in this case. as you may recall, in 2001, levy vanished from circle apartment. a year later her remains were area ofin a secluded park.reek a year later, ingmar guandique was c
, very light volume and moving ok. traffic headed away from us into virginia. there's a broken-down car near the exit to the g.w. parkway. 270 southbound prior to 109, a crash. you will find a little activity leaving frederick. on the b-w parkway, construction on northbound 295 the b-w parkway walking one lane. 95 in dale city, lanes open. >> a two on fire in manassas and two firefighters and residents to the hospital. -- a two-alarm fire. >> this was on lady jane. one resident was taken to hospital for smoke inhalation. two firefighters were transported for health issues. both of them dealing with high blood pressure. >> one firefighter was transported with high blood pressure. he is being transported for observation. >> the richard cross is helping 60 people displaced because of the fire. preliminary damage is estimated at $300,000. the cause is under investigation. >> a developing story from south africa. double amputee olympic sprinter oscar pistorius has been charged with premeditated murder in the death of his girlfriend. prosecutors alleged that he shot 29-year-old reeva steenkam
more police officers. in virginia, the legislation is to the desk of governor bob mcdonald. the original bill shielded the .ames how stella gates expanded the bill. after twon comes at -- disclose the identities of handgun owners. on high 495, there is an idea floating around. hade is a new plan to .imilar lanes county parkway. not everybody is on board. jeff goldberg has more. drivers have few complaints. , like near i-66 , it backs up. elizabeth allen likes the idea thedding hot lanes to to those onilar in virginia. i think they should do it. >> it would make sense. >> steve thinks the lanes would only add congestion and frustration. >> it does not make sense to me. i know it is a well traveled roadway, but it does not make sense to me. why would they propose it on fairfax county parkway? >> i do not think so. the 495 beltway looks like it is not working. pat herrity is asking vdot study the possibility of widening the parkway to three lanes. to possibly add hot lanes are hov lanes. hot lanes are one we are looking at. the purpose is congestion relief. fairfax county chai
. it's clouding up to our south. southern maryland, parts of virginia. way out here in west virginia, there may be a few wet snowflakes showing up. but still quite a few hours away from any precipitation moving in. right now, it's cold. we're near freezing in the suburbs and montgomery county and in prince george's county. arlington and fairfax. generally the mid 30s there as well as the district of columbia and across west virginia, temperatures a little above 30s. we'll have rain in the afternoon hours but then changing 6:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. thursday to some snow. i don't think we're going to get much at all. less than an inch. in this light blue zone north of washington, west of washington and all of that just accumulating on grassy areas. the road temperatures should be way too warm for it to stick to any roads. it may stick to a few roads. that's way out in western maryland. right along the pennsylvania border, with maryland and otherwise this is going to be a minor event. all rain elsewhere points south and east. >> i'm back in ten minutes. a look at your first 4 traffic is da
of northern virginia also. as we take a look hour by hour throughout the day, we'll have our temperatures climbing above freezing by late morning, noontime mid-30s. upper 30s. that's perhaps around 2:00 or 3:00. the time scale here showing snow moving in beginning as early as 8:00 p.m., ending by 2:00 a.m. tomorrow. leaving a coating to an inch around the metro area and across northern virginia, northern maryland. most locations could get 1 to 2 inches in the mountains. the seven-day outlook in ten minutes. a look at first 4 traffic on this monday morning. danella is here with the latest. >> thanks, tom. if you're taking the rails, metro, marc, vre, no report of delays. over to the roadways, still clear this morning. heading up to i-270 and fly over it together. nice and clear this morning out of frederick maryland. traveling southbound and northbound, not seeing any accidents, no construction. making the way through gaithersburg and continuing all the way to rockville and heading toward the beltway. if you're traveling on the beltway between i-270 passing connecticut avenue towards i-95,
in 2005 just three churches. >> now sports with pete gilbert. >> marilyn's return from virginia this morning -- friday morning took several extra hours thanks to snow and sleet. thinking that explains the lethargy with which they played today against virginia. playing defense. certainly not here. joe harris, virginia. six out of seven. not total lethargy in the game. marilyn's, virginia, a lead. should kill mitchell had the energy. -- shaquille mitchell had the energy. >> i looked in their eyes. we knew it was a big game. we have talked about it. i looked at him -- i want to give virginia most of the credit. one everybody to understand that. we were not there today, too. we were just a halfstep slow. a little bit lethargic trade >> a tough point in the season to be lethargic. the orioles pitchers and catchers report this week for swing trading. baltimore had little in the way of free agents to the team. the brain trust believing the pieces are already in place. this weekend, especially excited about what the birds might less defensively coming 2013. ask that team we had the last
got brown water and it -- the leak started saturday near van dues en and virginia manor roads. crews closed the roads to work on the damaged pipes. if you live in this area, we're told the water is safe to drink but you should not use it to make baby formula or wash dishes. >>> let's get a first look at our forecast. around the region, meteorologist tom kierein here with the forecast. >> it's an umbrella morning. good morning. starting off this morning, we've had waves of rain coming through since around midnight. right now still getting light to moderate rain in washington. right now, montgomery county into howard county getting some of the more moderate showers. the areas in yellow. the darker green, prince george's county. northeast, southeast washington. farther west, just light rain in fairfax county, stafford, spotsylvania, fauquier. still getting the showers moving southwest heading northeast that will be with us off and on through much of the day. it's all above freezing but it's a cold rain. only in the mid and upper 30s. farther north and west, it's near 40 in southern mary
in session since february 15th. virginia's particularly vulnerable due to the combination of military installing as, defense companies and the pentagon itself and virginia's democratic and republican lawmakers disagree on how to solve the crisis, there isboroing acknowledgment there might be no solution before friday. >> reporter: as president obama rallied, virginia's republican congressman questioned his holding a campaign-style southwest rage event whole no new talks are underway to prevent it from happening. >> the question i leave to you is to ask this, who the president can fix sequestration in the shipyard in virginia. if he can, i wish he would have been there a year ago so we wouldn't have to have this unstable situation. >> reporter: the virginiava congressmen are both members of the house armed services committee and both warn the axe will haunt virginia's economy and the nation's defense. >> it affects our readiness. the military chiefs don't have the ability to place the cuts thoughtfully and methodically across the defense budget. they have to go through and cut across t
ships, threatening tens of thousands of jobs in virginia alone. and those repairs? >> if we don't do that, we are sending a ship out in harm's way that may not be as fit to fate as it should be. >> so here's how we avoid it. >> reporter: virginia's tim kaine is among senate democrats proposing an alternative, a $120 billion deficit reduction plan half in spending cuts split between defense and non- defense, much coming from tell limb nation of farm subsidies, and half in new taxes. >> as you know, the speaker has said president obama has received his revenue he is not going to get any more. >> if republicans say there will never be another dollar of revenue and democrats say there will never be another dollar of cut, then we're not going to solve the problem. >> another way for washington to kick the can down the road. it's funny that every time washington is just about to actually cut spending, somebody wants to postpone it and to raise taxes. >> reporter: the conservative group freedom works says the harm of sequestration cuts has been everystated. >> in fact, it will be less than
, his history of mental ill must, and a bizarre plot he used to distract his victims. >>> a virginia police chief off the job. how chris brown is playing into the scandal. >>> brand-new research about the risk of autism and something pregnant women take every day. >>> this is the first t first place you will hear about this supplement. it is common in many diets. we have a lot to tell you about now. >>> first this afternoon, it is what everybody is talking about -- the weather. it is so nice for february. the weather is about to change. in fact, it will be changing tomorrow. >> just how much and when? veronica johnsons that first forecast in the storm center. >> got to say it is going to turn wet around here tomorrow. as we take a look at rain. rain that will be changing to snow for a brief period of time tomorrow. let's start out by taking a look at radar. storm team 4 radar you can see behind me is completely dry. no precipitation. showing up right now we have nothing more than just sunshine out there. the leading edge of the precipitation associated with our upcoming storm system
are reviewing a set of recommendations to protect virginia students in schools. a task force presented 24 ideas to o the general assembly in richmond yesterday. among the proposals, more juvenile record sharing between schools and criminal justice officials and lockdown drills with students each semester. the task force said the controversial idea of arming security officers or principals needs more study. >> approximate we put anyone armed in the school, they have would be held-trained. i think everyone is in agreement that the -- it's not perfect but the closest remedy of that is a well-trained certified police officer or deputy sheriff in every school. >>> there will be a final report in eun. governor bob mcdonnell created the task force in response to the newtown, connecticut, shootings. >>> a crack at closing the gun show loophole. a senate committee will discuss a bill for voluntary background checks to be set up at all gun shows. there would be a fee for the background checks. gun sellers would -- who take advantage of the system would get civil immunity if the person they're selling to
virginia and central and southern shenandoah valley. these counties to the east of the blue ridge, rappahannock, madison green towards charlottesville, maybe an inch of snow, sleet and light icing. most of that happening this morning and into this afternoon and tonight. right now our temperatures are cold. in the upper 20s to near 30. that's in prince george's, mg arlington fairfax. the district near the freezing mark. through the morning, maybe a few scattered flurries and all the way until noontime, above freezing and into the mid-30s. a look at my forecast map for any snowfall in ten minutes. we'll be back then with now a look at traffic. here's danella. >> good morning. in the first 4 traffic office, still tracking two accidents on the outer loop of the beltway in montgomery county. right near each other. the first one, outer loop at university boulevard is blocking your right shoulder lane. the second one, chopper 4 flying live over this accident. it's blocking the right lane. crash looks like it's been moved to your right shoulder lane. your kdelays around hampshire avenue.
. taiex the i-team tracks and a lengthy and rare legal battle involving a woman named virginia. she cannot speak. the emotional and sometimes bitter debate about where she should live is speaking volumes. we have a preview. >> chances are tonight's i.t. report will deeply divide viewers. it involves a 68-year-old woman with profound intellectual disabilities. and the debate over where she should live. for nearly 10 years, she has been at the middle of an emotional and bitter tug of war. where should virginia live? and who will decide that? because va cannot speak, teterboro sides are speaking for. the state which wants her to remain in a community in a group home, and her devoted legal guardian, who some say wants to turn back the clock by returning virginia to an institution. >> don't you dare tell me where virginia needs to live. we're not looking at the same thing. >> we follow this unusual case -- followed this unusual case for months. what will it mean for virginia? what will it mean for virginia? ? checking on the forecast. >> sunny skies, breezy, and cold. 30 degrees and a chance fo
bennett and virginia winners of eight of the last 10 games. virginia has a 10-point heed. they shot over 58% for the game. final seconds of the first half, carolina's dexter strickland into the lane. virginia comes back. the long distance three beats the buzzer. the game was tied 40-40 at the break. big day for the tar heels' p j hairston, making his sixth start. he finishes with a career high 29 points. despite 27 from joe harris, north carolina beat virginia 93- 81. >>> eric green and virginia tech on the road at nc state. the hokie looking to end a 7- game losing streak. final second, green misses the free throw. jerelle eddy has the putback. that never happens. time left for nc state. top of the key 3, no good. this game was headed into overtime tied at 78. tech trailed by 3. green loses the handle. brown comes up with the turnover. virginia tech forced to howl. the hokie, despite 29 points by green are beaten by nc state in overtime. >>> mike lonnergan and f w on the road. brian bynes the perfect pass to woods. gw out to
of prince george's county the mid and upper 20s. in the mid to low 20s in a few locations northern virginia, arlington, fairfax, spotsylvaniament down to the low 20s right now. the winds are a little blustery, windchills in the teens. winds gusting around 20 miles an hour. by 6:00 to 7:00 a.m., a blustery wind. in the mid-20 ez a and partly cloudy. we'll have increasing clouds through the morning. by 9:00, a little below freezing. around 30 degrees. could get light snow tonight. we'll talk about that in ten minutes with my next update at 4:41. a look at your monday morning first 4 traffic with danella, thank you. >> in our area, pretty quiet. prince george's county passing good luck road, in good shape, from the american legion bridge, traveling the beltway in virginia, nice and clear. a live look past the wilson bridge. back in ten minutes. aaron and eun, back to you. >> thanks, danella. >>> you can expect changes if you use the pentagon station. the south entrance of the station will be closed starting today so the agency can replace three escalators. when it's finished this fall, the esc
. do not make me [bleep] on you. so you're saying virginia's not really for lovers? next you'll tell me michigan's not for bringing lemonade and condoms to someone who turns out to be nbc's... we'll apologize tomorrow. i guess we'll find out when virginia passed that law in tonight's episode of "19th century news." hello, everybody. my most he's teemed viewers, 'tis i your humble host. my guest tonight florence nightingale. she's written a new book on something called antiseptics and their role in fighting deadly infections on the irish. first the 1800s people. first, a brief word from our sponsor. when it's friday night and you don't have to be anywhere 'til tuesday. anyway, our top story tonight, virginia has banned living in sin. no longer shall unmarried men and women terrorize our good state with their privates behind closed doors relationship. in technology news there's a brand new labor saving device on the market called chinese people. chinese people because building a railroad is expensive. and hard. wow. that show is something. isn't it? we have come a long way in this country
obama heads to virginia to warn about the cut consequences. but there are no meetings in washington anywhere in sight. >>> also this morning, the race to replace jesse jackson jr. in congress kicks off with a packed primary in chicago. just how much power will the mayor of new york have in shaping the chicago outcome and where else is he going to weigh in on gun control by dropping big dollars? >>> and a deep dive into the heart of texas. are democrats really on track to turn the rock solid republican region to a slightly more purple shade in the battleground? >>> good morning, i'm athan m manuel it's tuesday, february 26th and you're about to watch "daily rundown" with chuck todd. >> thank you, athan and carolina is my second favorite basketball team in the acc. >>> another day closer to sequester, another day of public posturing and what appeared to be no serious attempts to stop the sequester or even meetings between the white house and congressional republicans to pretend that they might think about stopping the sequester. the only thing different today is the address, that's ne
virginia, the district into maryland. in washington, getting light rain. the areas in the yellow and orange, moderate rain in northwestern montgomery county from northwest of rockville toward potomac and near poolsville. farther south in loudoun county near ashburn and great falls, they're getting moderate showers. farther north and east, the rest of montgomery county and most of prince george's county, a few more moderate showers, east and east of clinton. moderate showers around a the northern part of the bay. milder air is pushing into west virginia in the 40s there. shenandoah valley in the mid-30s. closer to washington, in the mid and upper 30s in montgomery, arlington, fairfax, prince george's and the district of columbia. the hometown forecast in upper marlboro, may hit the upper 50s by the afternoon. this cold rain through 8:00. then maybe a chance of a scattered shower after that into early to mid-afternoon. after that, we'll begin to dry out. a look at the rest of the day into the evening, that's coming up in ten minutes. first 4 traffic this monday morning with danella. good morn
romblin said he would oppose the petition to register the coal industry. this is currency of west virginia public broadcasting. bill -- this is courtesy of the west virginia public broadcasting system. >> please be seated. members of the board of public works, justices of the supreme court of appeals, members of the state board of education, members of the legislature, distinguished guests, and my fellow west virginians: in 1921, when architect cass gilbert drew the plans for our state capitol, he put time and attention into every detail of this beautiful structure. he incorporated lavish trimmings of priceless gold, rare found in the people of west virginia.this -- natural wealth -- is visible in almost every inch of this capitol, including the house and senate chambers. above our heads, you can see the bronze-colored plaster leaf arrangements representing west virginia's hardwoods.also above, lining the frieze, you see eagles carved into the structure. prepared to take flight. eagles' wings are rising -- and in position -- ready to take action. the task the people of west virginia expect
of the traffic cameras in northern virginia. this is i-94 north of occoquan. meteorologist tom kierein is tracking this weather system and he's here with more on what to expect. tom sm. >> good morning. we're getting this weak disturb an from the west. it's triggering light snow in maryland. these bright white areas in charles county, light snow beginning to fall and reach the ground southern prince george's county as well. farther south are these areas of pink mixing with a little bit of sleet or sprinkles of rain far southern maryland, southern st. mary's county. potomac, fauquier, stafford and spotsylvania, many of those locations getting light flurries right now. those are associated with winter weather advisory. all these areas in the purple color under a winter weather advisory in northern virginia, suburbs in maryland. the amount of snow expected could be affected by the temperatures. it's at or above freezing in washington. to our south, it's near a little below freezing in prince george's county and charles, calvert and st. mary's. farther north and west, near 30 in montgomery
freezing around virginia, delaware, west virginia. upper 20s to near 30 degrees. that includes montgomery, arlington, fairfax. >> leading edge of the precipitation. there's a mix in west virginia. the areas in the white and gray, just a few flurries trying to reach the ground from near charlottesville to richmond. it's gradually advancing east, northeast. but it's coming into very dry air. it's going to be tough for any precipitation to fall had morning. maybe a few scattered flurries northern shenandoah valley. now the leading edge of that. hour by hour this morning, a cloudy sky with dry pavement. below freezing temperatures through 9:00 or so. by noontime, into the mid-30s. we might have a few scattered flurries around as we get into the middle part of the day and during the afternoon. look at that tonight in ten minutes. a look at traffic with danella now, good morning. >> good morning. if you're making the trip this morning, out of charles county, well, check in with local roads for you. if you're traveling along 210, 223, barry road, nice and clear. heading to the beltway now, beltw
>> coming up, president obama heads back to virginia to talk about how the middle class will be impacted by automatic budget cuts. congress has three days to reach a compromise. >> march is just around the corner but some are continuing to deal with brutal winter conditions. >> john gonzalez trains with pompoms with the redskins. they're looking for a few good cheerleaders. how you can try out. maybe not john but you. good morning washington begins right now. >> live and in hd, this is good morning washington, on your side. >>captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- good morning washington, it is 5:00. >> we are on storm watch. we have a nasty weather headed our way. jacqui, we're talking wet, not white. >> unless you live along the blue ridge or areas of to the west, you will have a little bit of sleet mixing in. a little accumulation is mixed in there. do not leave without your rain boots or your umbrella. you can see the rain still hours away. most of this morning will be dry. our temperatures are on the chellie side. 33 degrees in d.c. and 2
. including alleghany and the small part of the western part of the panhandle of west virginia. as we get through the morning, increasing clouds. we'll stay below freezing until 7:00. by 8:00, mid-30s. 9:00, 10:00, through noontime, we'll get rain moving in. hometown forecast, ashburn, virginia, by noontime in the low 40s with rain. i'm back in ten minutes with a look at the rest of the afternoon into the reechk. now a look at traffic with danella. >>> we'll start in stafford heading down stafford, approximate you're traveling along route 1, southbound route 1, jefferson davis highway near courthouse road, a vehicle into the ditch in that area. please use caution if that is your commute. the beltway, the outer loop at gw parkway, a disabled vehicle was blocking the right lane. it cleared shortly as i came on screen here. wanted to show you your volume on the outer loop of the beltway near gw parkway. very light volume. another thing to look out for if you're traveling the outer loop of beltway in the express lanes at braddock, there is construction blocking the right lane. i'm back in ten
riders that now have canceled flights. virginia wet roads and slick conditions this morning forced schools to start a couple of hours late today. luckily the temperatures stayed above freezing. nothing stuck to the roads. fortunately, it was more of a rain event for most of us here in the d.c. metro area. and stay with storm team 4 for continuing coverage of this massive snowstorm. we have live reports from boston in just a few minutes. >>> within just the past 30 minutes, power was restored in prince george's county. this comes after as many as 50,000 people lost power for much of the day. it was all thanks to a fallen tree. most of the outages were in the central part of the county. our bureau chief, tracee wilkins is live with the latest. tracee. >> it was an amazingly crazy day for parts of prince george's county. folks who did not have power and businesses as well. a large number of the schools as well. after a long day of a lot of folks being in the dark, as you said, pepco, they believe all the power has been restored. >> the power outage experienced in prince george's count
virginia. i've been looking at some of the traffic cameras with monika in western maryland. it's snowing on i-68 and even i- 70 west of hagerstown. let's show you what's happening with our day planner. snow early. windy, a chilly day. y sunny, temperatures not moving much. highs upper 20s north and west to low 30s in most areas, 33, 34 perhaps with winds at times gusting toward 30 miles an hour. winter weather advisory covers the entire metro till 10:00 a.m. eastern shore your advisory goes till 11:00 a.m. for the quick hitter coming at us from the mountains. here it is coming across the region. not all of this reaching the ground just yet but this will be a quick hitter as i said. by 9:00, 10:00 it will be exiting stage right, maybe dropping an inch of snow in spots. >>> if it causes any problems on the roads, we'll let you know. right now you just want to make sure you give yourself a little extra time, especially if you're coming in from the north and west. by the way, laurel marc station, american legion lot is closed indefinitely with all of the flooding problems that they had yeste
virginia, western maryland, don't. it's not going to be a big deal. here's a look at your forecast for this wednesday. i almost said monday. wednesday. temperatures will get into the mid-40s, even upper 40s south of town. dry morning commute. some rain develops this afternoon so a wet ride home. that rain is going to mix with just a touch of snow tonight of the temperatures will be too warm for really anything to stick. we do have winds down south near the virginia-north carolina border. clouds are rolling in but just not a lot of moisture yet. that's going to change. with clear skies, light winds, down to 25 in frederick and westminster. leesburg is 32. culpeper 37. we have 40-degree readings well to the south in tappahannock and fredricksburg this morning. easton, you're in the mid-30s so the clouds will increase. any snow will be confined really to the mountains of western maryland, west virginia. could see 2 to 4 inches here. then tonight philly, atlantic city, even long island could get 1 to 3 inches. highs mid-40s. we have a dry ride in but doesn't mean it's smooth sailing. h
are near or below freezing. that includes just about all of the of west virginia, virginia, maryland down to near 30 degrees. near the waters it's a little above freezing. most locations near 30 degrees. schenn owe da valley, same thing. much of western maryland, washington county into alleghany county into the upper 20s. look at the windchills there. the windchill at hagerstown is just 11 degrees. windchills right around washington and our nearby suburbs only around 20 degrees. air temperatures holding steady with a few clouds coming and going. wind gusting by 25 to 30 miles per hour. wind gusting to around 30 miles an hour. temperatures will be in the mid-30s. stafford virginia, hometown forecast by noontime there, should be a bit milder. up around the upper 30s. maybe near 40 this afternoon. a look at the rest of the day into tonight. that's coming up in ten minutes. a look at traffic now with danella with your first 4 traffic on this wednesday morning. >> good morning. well, if you're traveling in maryland along route 50 in maryland, out from the bay bridge, making your way towards bo
by phone with republican and house leaders on thursday. the president travels to virginia on tuesday to highlight the impact of cuts on the defense industry. at the white house, craig bosswell, fox news. >>> coming up, we will show you how civil rights icon rosa parks is making history again here in washington. >>> a major transportation bill in virginia is one step closer to becoming law. the latest from richmond. >> we should be able to walk in public and people should actually feel safer because we have them on. >> yes, those were customers not police officers with guns at their hips during your coffee break today. i'm bob barnard with a starbucks surprise and what this was about.  almost tastes like one of jack's cereals. fiber one. uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? um... try the number one! yeah, this is pretty good. [ male announcer ] over a third of a day's fiber. fiber one. ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate. ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate. ♪ we, we chocolate cross over. ♪ yeah, we chocolate cross over. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing fib
. virginia interstate 95 northbound from dale city, no problems. southbound had crashed near the prince william parkway. everything is confined to the shoulder. just wanted to give you a heads up. that's near the prince william parkway heading down towards dale city. maryland is quiet. back to you. >> thank you. new this morning, prince george's county police made a quick arrest in a deadly shooting in hillcrest heights. this happen before 11:00 tuesday night on branch avenue. the 30-year-old victim was pumping gas at a station when the gunman approached and then shot him. after a short chase investigators said the gunman was high on pcp and officers have to use a taser on multiple times before getting him into custody. officers were injured. it's not clear if the victim and suspect knew each other. it is going to be another tough day for students at suitland high school. a second class mail has been shot and killed in two days. >> tuesday's decline in foresthill marks this expressed or discounted student killed this year. investigators hope to make an arrest by the end of the week. au
that started in virginia. roz plater joins us from the newsroom. was driving more than 100 miles an hour. the mystery is why this driver was running away from virginia state police in the shet place. witnesses say had a passenger and a young child in the car. folks that live in that are asking why sue a car for speeding in the first place. virginia state police say the again unfolding about 3:30 in the afternoon. emergencyon his driver sped off. the trooper began pursuing. by ae say that car, ribbon driven by a woman, speeds of 100 and miles per hour. carolited on south street. the blue police cars in my rearview and i heard the , so i tried to move over. .here was not much room i know i saw a red car coming up .n me i did not know where the car trying to go, so i try to move over as much as possible. >> the speeding driver got away, but neighbors say it was an unusual sight. dc police have one of the thectest pursue policies in country. reported injuries, whyneighbors were asking the troopers even carried out the case -- the chase. that is crazy. >> if they are pursuing the , maybe cut
any delays. wilson bridge coming from virginia to maryland, that is out of the travel lanes. in virginia on 95, in quantico in each direction, overnight construction is running a little behind schedule in each direction. they are letting some cable and there are intermittent closures. back to you. >> thank you. the investigation is under way into a fire that killed a woman in charles county, maryland in the 5300 block of stuckey rd. in indian head. prince george's county police are looking into a fatal shooting in fort washington. officers found the victim in 8400 block of rosemarie drive before 11:00 tuesday night. police have not released to the victim's identity or what led to the shooting. no information on any arrests. >> now to the latest in the manhunt for a former lapd officer wanted for murder. we are waiting to learn if the body of christopher dorne wasr found in a burning cabin in sandino, california. charred remains were found >> . tests will be conducted to find out if it was him. a riverside officer, michael crain, will be buried, one of his victims. >> the man
destination. several buildings on the property were destroyed or damaged, but no one was hurt. the virginia house and senate are set to vote today on a transportation compromise. under this plan, gas and sales tax would generate an additional $800 million a year to maintain virginia highways. house democrats and republicans are split. on the property were destroyed or if it passes it will be beaman first major reform to the virginia highway system and 20 -- it will be the first major reform to the virginia highway system in 20 years. boeing will make -- take measures to deal with the battery problems. airlines may be able to start flying the 787's again as soon as april if the faa and the transportation department accepted boeing's plans. use extra time if you're planning to use the metro to get around. this weekend, the orange line trains will not run. no service between vienna and boston until sunday. shuttle trains will be single tracking. there will be no work on the blue yellow, or green lines. we have all of this information on our website wjla.com. and as the world gets ready for an
and finding heavy rain. a lot of it has moved north from the state. we have more pushing out of virginia, pushing through the d.c. area and a heavy band coming through right now through stevensville on the eastern shore. that will be moving north toward sealsle ton. coastal flood concerns on the western shore. winter weather concerns only for allegany west. temperatures are too warm for anything other than rain. for more on how much precipitation we may see, let's head over to mike masco. >> it could be about a inch and a half -- a half an inch to an inch of rain. take a look at our model. this shows you generally about a half an inch, maybe an inch to the north of the beltway. look how large it s stretches from minneapolis toward tampa. i got a photo to share with you. this is a water spout to the west of the city. it has moved on shore and feermd tornado. so some wild weather. take a look out to the west. snows. they saw from 15 to 22 inches of snow stranding motorists. this is a storm that will move toward chicagoland. if you have a flight from bwi or going to dulles to catch a flight
to the state capitol in virginia. >> the edge on virginia where a senate committee rejected a proposal to allow background checks for private sales. the proposal would help sellers who want to access the database. licensed gun dealers must conduct background checks. virginia state law does not require gun checks between individuals. in virginia, the state wants to ban a use of drones. talk about those unmanned aircrafts used by the military. state senate committee has backed a two year moratorium. law enforcement groups oppose the ban saying it's necessary to keep people safe. >>> new secretary of state john kerry wasted no time getting to work. greeted by diplomates as he arrived for his first day on the job. huge honor but comes with heavy responsibility. >> i guarantee you beginning this morning when i report for duty up stairs, everything i do will be focused on the security and safety of our people. we have tough decisions to make but i'll do everything i can to live up to the high standards that secretary clinton and her team put in place. >> kerry represented massachusetts in the senate
says it's a horrible idea and it needs to be stopped. the senior senator from virginia puts partial blame for the debt crisis and looming sequestration deadline on the defense industry and he says they have not been on board pushing congress to make some sort of compromise and now, on the brink of something truly terrible. peggy fox with the story. >> there was a stupid way and a less stupid way to do this. let's at least default to the less stupid way. >> he told a northern virginia technology council that congress deserves most of the blame for the debt crisis, but so do they. >> you aught to take some of the blame, too. because every time there's been efforts to try to build a broader coalition to say, let's go ahead and take this on and get out of our individual, political fox holes and get out of our individual industry fox holes. most of you have said, well, i don't want to make this guy mad. >> a long list of ceo's who are part of the fix the debt council, mixing are most defense contractors. >> back in july, hosted a large stop sequestration rally. since then, the massi
will develop until late this morning. on the satellite and radar, and you see it's moving across west virginia trying to make its way into northern maryland. we still have several hours before any of that reaches our area. as of us will see temperatures above freezing by that time. the blue ridge and areas of to the west watching for a a little wintry mix. it is 36 in gaithersburg, 39 in d.c., 38 at dulles airport. our forecast, warming up nicely by noon, 45 degrees. 50 degrees by 5:00. expecting light green into the afternoon, but it will be light. much colder temperatures on the way. from the belfort furniture weather center. jamee? >> good morning, washington gary knell problems in our nation's capital. southeast south west freeway. looks gorgeous on lower 14th street. no problems for a maryland either. 270 southbound direction. crossing the american legion bridge, in and out of maryland and virginia, your lanes are open. trouble lanes open around the woodrow wilson bridge. 395 is quiet. back to you. >> thank you. 5:02 on this tuesday. prince william county firefighters looking into what ca
, as is most of maryland and across northern virginia. into west virginia. right now arlington fairfax county near 30. so is prince george's county. southern maryland. charles county, calvert and st. mary's. we'll stay below freezing. with a little bit of sunshine in and out. by 8:00 in the mid-30s. by noontime, near 50 degrees. sunrise at 6:59. the sunset at 5:46. hometown forecast for culpeper. culpep culpeper, virginia ought to reach the mid-50s by mid-afternoon. incredibly, it could be snowing tonight. i'll have the latest on that. how much we might get. here's danella with first 4 traffic. >> traveling in the area, pretty nice. no reported delays, metro, mark vre. running on schedule. i-66, traveling in the hay market area. route 15 checks out. 66 looks nice and clear. a live look past sudley road. eastbound, inbound, no issues to report. outbound as well. nice and clear commute heading to the beltway. let's talk about inside the beltway on 66. a live look at spout run parkway. hardly any volume. back in ten minutes. aaron and eun, over to you. >>> 5:01 now. we're staying on top of break
in which d.c., virginia, and maryland could feel the impact of sequestration. >>> and right after the break, be careful what you wish for. why women may soon have to register for the military draft. topper. >> actually, pretty nice out here. we have clear skies, here's the high and low today in the ball park of average. 48 and 30. averages are 50 and 33. record high 84. that sounds nice. record low, 1 below. you know, we are behind over an inch. we're going to come back and talk about heavy rain rolling in tomorrow. >>> ladies, listen up. it may soon be time to register for a military draft. the obama decision to allow people into combat open the doors for females to be called into duty. we didn't have a draft and no plans for one any time soon. but men ages 18 to 24 are required to register for selective services. and legal experts say women may soon have to sign up as well. >> one of the world's most popular furniture makers has been las sews into europe's scandal. investigators in the check republic found traces of horse meat in ikea's frozen meat balls. they have been pulled off the s
. temperatures are near freezing now. much of maryland and virginia, that includes prince george's county, montgomery, arlington and fairfax. shenandoah valley into the mountains. southern maryland near the bay waters, a little bit above freezing. we have winds gusting around 20, 25 miles an hour. so our windchills are down to the teens and low 20s now much of the region. we're going to have our windchills hovering in the 20s and teens throughout much of the morning. 6:00 to 7:00 a.m. around the freezing mark. those winds will increase maybe by noontime to 30 mile an hour wind gusts. by then, temperatures into the mid-30s. sunrise is at 6:53. waldorf in charles county, our hometown forecast by noontime there. it will be in the upper 30s and partly cloudy with a blustery wind. a look at the rest of the afternoon and evening in ten minutes. now a look at traffic on this wednesday morning. here's danella, good morning. >> good morning. first i-95 in virginia. as you make your way southbound at prince william parkway, there's a crash there. in your southbound lanes just in your south right sh
at the university of virginia. and on "washington journal," a look at gun ownership in america. >> several live events to tell you about today. the georgetown university law center host a daylong for him on, state, and local energy policies on c-span two at nine o'clock 30 eastern. also at nine o'clock 30 east -- also at 9:30 eastern, the us- india relations at the carnegie endowment for international peace. and they look at sequestration, and automatic spending cuts set to go into effect march 1 that will affect federal workers. that is a 2 --- that is at 2:30 p.m. eastern. >> from the start, we told the board that the approach we were going to take, pretty straightforward. remember, we were set -- sent there to fix gm. that was the mission. go make this thing a viable company again. so we were all focused, and brought the message we are going to design, build, and sell the world's best vehicles. we are going to move quickly, we need your support, your input, and so we changed a few things about the board meeting. we shortened them considerably. we stayed away from the details or did not get i
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